Further Study Scholarship for SJZU 2021 Graduate and Its Application Guide

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Dear International Students:

SJZU provide further study scholarship for those who graduate in 2021, either graduate from degree program or Chines language program.

This further study scholarship is partial scholarship, which is waive 10% of the first year tuition and the new application fee is just 300 RMB(500 RMB for normal students). It aims to encourage the SJZU students to take further study at SJZU, either to further study degree or further study one year Chinese language.


Application Guide: 

Application web: apply from http://study.sjzu.edu.cn/.

Application materials: 

1. Passport front page, study visa page(if the students has more than one study visa in China, we need the last two study visa page), empty page, entering into China stamp page;

2.  Graduate diploma and degree of the current host university(SJZU)

3. Transcript of the current host university(SJZU)

4. Medical check up document(Valid for 6 months)

5. Registration form of temporary residence for visitors from overseas.(In the valid period)

 Tips and time 

The application needs international students system evaluation first, which is about one week, we suggest you apply on line at once, even without submit degree or transcript first and make it up late.

After international students system evaluation, the successful ones will be made JW202, etc,which will take one week, and the degree and transcript should be submitted and used for JW202 application.

 Medical check up document should be valid for 6 months, for those whose document is not in valid period, take the medical check up test at once. And the test need be booked on phone first, which the number is 24192122.

The address of Shenyang International Travel Health Care Center is

No.433, Danan Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact.

George Chen

International Students Admission Office

International School

Shenyang Jianzhu University.


Wechat ID: georgesjzu

Welcome to apply!

Application Guide Map 


Shenyang Jianzhu University (SJZU) is a student-oriented comprehensive university, which give the priority to architecture and civil engineering, It has a sound international English taught education system, which covers university foundation program, bachelor program, master program, doctor program and Chinese language program.

Shenyang Jianzhu University enjoys good reputation, and the English Engineering programs have the International Engineering Accreditation. It has lots of international Partners, for example:  the world top 500 universities: University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology,UIC from U.S.; University of Sheffield from UK; UTS, Curtin University from Australia; Kumamoto University from Japan;Politecnico di Milano from Italy, and many other good universities from the world.